Fava Festival

The Island celebrates the local product, fava beans, in an event that usually takes place within the first weekend of July, and includes free food and dancing to local, traditional music performed by live bands.  In this big fiesta that usually fades not before sunrise, the fava producers introduce their product to the visitors.

Donkey Race

This festive institution, usually takes place within the first weekend of August. The local donkeys, a protected species, are rode by their owners in the funniest event of the summer. Islanders and visitors enjoy the event, and closes with the prize award ceremony for the winner donkey and rider.

15th of August, Day Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Schinoussa is Known for this two-day fiesta that takes place on the 14th and 15th of August every year, as the island’s largest church, the Church of Panagia Akathis, celebrates on that date, with dancing to live music and free banquette, organised by the church on the morning of August 15th.